Resilience in Times of Change

This post was originally published on, How to Build Resilience during the Pandemic By Dr Leslie M Gutman #Five evidence-based strategies to help you to cultivate resilience. No matter where we live in the world now, we are immersed in uncertainty and change.  At the same time, we are each facing our ownContinue reading “Resilience in Times of Change”

Effective Resolutions: Behavioral Insights on Creating Positive Change

This post was originally published on, By Dr. Leslie M. Gutman #Practical tips from behavioral science that can help us bring forth positive change in the new year.  Ushering in the New Year provides an opportunity to make resolutions about how we wish to improve and reach for our dreams in the yearContinue reading “Effective Resolutions: Behavioral Insights on Creating Positive Change”

Cultivating Spiritual Resilience

This is an example post, originally published on, by Dr. Leslie M. Gutman #Strategies to encourage belief in a higher purpose, hope for the future, gratitude for our lives, and the meaning we construct from our suffering.  Jewish history exemplifies spiritual resilience.  Countless times, the Jewish people have encountered insurmountable odds, yet survivedContinue reading “Cultivating Spiritual Resilience”